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Posted on: January 12, 2011

Anthony Furey is a national columnist for the Sun Media chain of publications and a commentator / substitute host on Sun News Network.

He’s also written opinion columns for 24H Toronto, Globe & Mail, National Post, NY Daily News and Human Events. He’s appeared on the BBC, Fox News Channel and talk radio programs across Canada and the United States.

You can read Furey’s columns here:

You can view his TV appearances here, including his opening monologues from guest hosting the Sun News prime time show Byline:

Furey regularly speaks at events and can be reached via email at:

And on twitter: @anthonyfurey


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Just caught your recent interview with Charles Adler and wanted to offer my 100% agreement. It’s very refreshing to hear another voice added to the “common sense” revolution. The generation of entitlement that we now have in this country is so pathetically far out of touch with reality that something needs to be done and done quickly. The complete failure by parents, school teachers etc to instil any sense of responsibility or sense of consequences for ones actions on this generation is both reprehensible and unforgivable. Quite honestly the only way I see things in this country being turned around as regards these entitled snots is mandatory military service. There will be no voluntary change from the attitudes that have been nurtured all of their lives by the laissez faire left wing so something of a mandatory or compulsory nature is the only thing that will have any real effect. Cheers and keep up the good work….

Keep up the good work Anthony. Thank you for all you do.

Why do people start then abandon websites.

please advise where comment to the editor is?
got it..there none..

ditto…comments to the editor? where

I will put my name up..just tell me where comment to the editor is….
Lawrie A. Buffett

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Anthony Furey

Anthony Furey at the Sun News Network studio

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